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History of Euro Millions

The Euro Millions lottery was established in 1994. The founders had planned to launch this lottery to coincide with the establishment of a single currency in the European Union (EU). Things did not go according to plan because of politics, bureaucracy and other miscellaneous factors. Despite that the launching was done some 10 years later.

Euro Millions is Multi-state lottery which was launched on February 7, 2004 by Camelot, Francaise des Jeux and Loterias y Apuetas del Estado. The first draw was held on February 13, 2004 in Paris, France. It started out with three participating countries which were United Kingdom, France and Spain. The game was very popular and as a result the following countries joined after eight months since its launch: Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland and Luxembourg.

The Euro Millions game has seen several rules changes. This includes the setting of a rollover cap which was done on 20th January, 2006. This meant that the jackpot could be allowed to roll over for up to 11 consecutive draws after which there is no winner, on the 12th draw the jackpot would then roll down and be shared among the players found on the next winners’ prize tier. In November 2009, the rule on rollover cap was once again changed. The cap was at first fixed on €185 millions. This amount was to be increased by €5 million every time the cap was reached. This jackpot cap was reached for the first time in July 2011. At that time the jackpot was won by two United Kingdom lottery players Chris and Colin Weir. Their jackpot prize was €190 million.

On 17 February, 2012 the jackpot rule changed once more. The changes directed that the cap would no longer change/increase by the proposed €5 million. Instead the amount would remain at the fixed amount of €190 million. The rules further state that the jackpot can only remain at that price for two consecutive draws. If there is no winner after the two consecutive draws, the top prize would be shared by the next prize winning tier.

How to Play Euro Millions

Players are given a pool of 50 numbers from where to select 5 numbers. Then there is an additional of two numbers which are called Lucky Stars which are selected from another pool made up of 11 numbers. This is what you need to play Euro Millions. The Lucky Stars numbers are very essential in order to win more prizes and participate in the final jackpot competition.

Lottery players are allowed to play for up to two Euro Millions jackpots every week. The draws are made twice weekly. This takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. In order to win a prize, you are required to match a minimum of two main numbers. You will win a jackpot if you match the five numbers and the additional two lucky stars.

How to Play Euro Millions with Us

When you are on our web site, all that you need to do is click on the PLAY button and then NEXT DRAW. Now you will have to choose your lucky numbers and complete your order by providing the payment details. There are three different ways of choosing your lucky numbers: you can select the numbers manually, Quick Pick which allows the system to do the random picks and finally you can use saved numbers in My Lucky Numbers.

History of Jackpot Prizes at Euro Millions

In many European countries with exception of Switzerland, all prizes including jackpots are tax free. They are also paid lump sum. The largest Euro Millions jackpot ever was won on August 10, 2012. It was worth €190 million. This huge prize was won by just one lottery ticket. The winners were Adrian and Gillian Bayford both from a place called Suffolk in England.

Changes in Format

The Tuesday midweek draw was introduced in May 2011. This officially became the second weekly draw and at the same time a new prize tier was introduced that required players to match just two numbers. The third change that was made was that the Lucky Star pool of balls was increased from 9 to 11.

Games Associated with Euro Millions

  • Millionaire Maker

    This game was previously known as Millionaire Raffle. It is basically a Euro Millions milestone in which U.K. players are given a free raffle entry. This U.K. Millionaire Maker was introduced in November, 2009. The game was launched by the National Lottery in the United Kingdom.

    The name Millionaire Raffle was changed to Millionaire Maker in October 2014. This was done in order to signify the launching of first non-cash prizes which were necessary as a complement of the £1 million prizes.

  • EuroMillions Plus

    In Ireland, starting from June 2007, the players who participate in the Euro Millions were accessible to the Euro Millions plus option. For this service they paid some additional fees. Players need a minimum of 5 Euro Millions numbers in order to choose this option.

  • My Million

    This game was introduced on February 2014 as the French version of Euro Millions. This was started in order to get players an automatic entry into the Million Raffle through paying an additional cost of €0.50 for every line. This increased the prices of tickets to €2.50.

Events Draws and Super Draws

These are special draws which happen when the jackpot is set to a particular guaranteed amount. This amount can be 100 million or 130 million Euros. The difference between these two draws is that a super draw jackpot will roll over to the next drawing if a winner is not found but for the events draws, the jackpot is distributed among the winners who are in the next lower tier. All the draws are always held in Paris, France every Fridays and Tuesdays at 21:00 hours.

Most Drawn Numbers

The most commonly drawn numbers are as listed here: 3, 5, 4, 50, 19, 38 and 12. On the other hand, the least drawn numbers are: 10, 11, LS, 13, 32, 33, 39 and 46.

Euro Millions Winning Story

Euro Millions has made millionaires on numerous occasions. This success story is unique because the lottery winner was a Canadian widow who dreamed of the winning numbers. As a result of a simple dream she received millions of dollars from the lottery.

Mary Wollens dreamed all the matching numbers of a Euro Millions lottery. Her parents were from Ukraine and she started working right from the young age of 14. One night she dreamed about winning the lottery. After the dream, the following morning she woke up and wrote the numbers that she had seen in her dreams. Those numbers appeared to her twice in the dream.

Before winning the Euro Millions Lottery, Mary had spent her time mourning the death of her husband who died months before and daughter who had died 17 years earlier. Mary said that her daughter was a great person.

In a way Mary was relived from some of her stresses in 2006 when she won a large cheque through a lotto ticket. When she bought the winning ticket in Ontario, she entered the numbers that she had seen in her dream. These were 1, 10, 18, 24, 31 and 46. She was very convinced that her numbers would win her the lottery. That is why she went out and purchased another ticket with the same numbers.

Mary was amazed after her numbers came in one after the other during that week’s draw. She was the winner of $16 million. This was a staggering amount for her. The other ticket helped Mary get an extra $4 million in addition to her booty.

Mary reported that she felt like she was floating after finding out that she was the winner of the large amount of money. There are many stories of people who won the Euro Millions lotteries but few or none could claim to have dreamed the numbers!

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