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The SuperEnaLOtto is one of the leading lotteries in which the tickets are handled by our company. The game has always had very attractive prizes. This is because of its limited rollovers and it is especially true for the jackpot prize. In Europe, Italy is one of the most important contributors to the popularity of this game. Italy is even a home to lottery tourism.

SuperEnalotto in Italy

SuperEnaLotto was launched in 1997 as a private corporation. The game is a modification of EnaLotto which was established in 1950s. This lottery is a great source of entertainment since its inception. Players receive great adrenalin rush when they participate in the game.

The SuperEnaLotto prizes are in the tune of several millions. The largest jackpot in this game was drawn on October, 30, 2010. It was valued at €177,800,000. This prize was won by a single ticket. The prize was arrived at after a rollover over a period of eight months.

How to Play SuperEnalotto

The internet has brought more convenience and easiness to the world of playing lotto games. Players are required to first register an account with online lottery firms. The official online ticketing firm for all lotto games requires that all applicants have to be over 18 years. The location and citizenship does not matter.

In order to play, people are required to register using their full names, contact numbers and active email addresses. Once the account has been created, verification is done by clicking on the link sent to the email used in creating their accounts.

After verifying the account, you can be allowed to play lotto game anytime and from anywhere, this is done by clicking the SuperEnaLotto button on the “Play Lottery” menu. On logging into your account, you can select the numbers randomly. To be more effective, you can prepare some preselected numbers that you use for making entries.

A limit of 10 lines is set per purchase. On the upper limit, the maximum number of draws is 100. After making the required entries you will automatically be directed to the payment page. Tickets are bought up to the end of a countdown. At the end of the countdown selling of tickets is stopped unless the ones sold are for the coming week.

Winning Number Combination Draw

The draws for SuperEnalotto take place every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. These draws are made at precisely 8:00 PM in Italy. For the 6 number combination there is only one draw for the Jolly number and jackpot prize. Then, a separate draw is made for the SuperStar.

The drawing process for the Jolly number is similar to how the United Kingdom Lotto bonus number is done for Lucky number in EuroMillions.

In case you win any of the prizes in SuperEnaLotto you will receive an email confirming the same. Cases where there are no winners, prizes such as the jackpot are reported to all players through email messages. All prizes which receive no winners are rolled over for the next draw event or events. When this happens, the next draws become larger in value. In this game there is no rollover cap for the number of times that it can be done. It will be done until the prize is won. It should be noted that there is no roll down in this lottery game.

In 2009, SuperEnaLotto experienced continuous rollover of the jackpot prize for over a period of eight months. That means the game had no clear winner over that period of time. Finally, the jackpot was won and the winners received €147.8 million. A resident of Toscana, Italy bagged the prize. Again in 2010, the largest jackpot prize was won after nine months of rollovers. This was a €177.8 million jackpot.

This unlimited ability of SuperEnaLotto to rollover has brought sensation to players all over the world. This why all tourists who visit Italy, make sure that they play the game because they know that hundreds of millions may be won with the jackpot.

Jackpot Prizes History

A drawing which was made on March 30, 2012 recorded that largest jackpot in American history. This was a Mega Millions jackpot which helped the winner take home $656 million in annuities with a cash option of $474 millions. There were three tickets that won this jackpot. These tickets were claimed on April 18. Every set of winners selecting the cash option. The second largest jackpot which was won was $390 millions which occurred on March 6, 2007. The two winners were from New Jersey and Georgia who shared the record prize. The two sets of winners both choose the cash option. They got the USD 233 million in equal shares. It leads to getting different ratios which are applicable for both annuity and cash values. The third largest jackpot prize was valued at $380 million. On January 4, 2011 tickets were drawn on $240 million prize. This jackpot was shared by players from Post Falls, Washington, Idaho and Ephrata. These are the players who matched all the six numbers. The jackpot was paid in 26 annual installments. The jackpot value was taxed at 34% with a lamp sum option at 50%.

Taxes and Starting Prize for the Jackpot

After winning the jackpot, it automatically reverts to the starting prize which is fixed at €1.3 million. Then if prizes are not won, the rollovers begin. When you win prizes in Italy, they are subject to taxation. The tax rate for lottery games is 1.03% for winning any amount that is over €100. When you win any prizes over €300 the tax rate increases to 3.1%. Lastly, any amount over €500 is taxed at the rate of 6%.

History of SuperEnalotto game

SuperEnaLotto’s exclusive franchise rights have been owned by SISAL, a private corporation since that was founded in 1945 by three sports journalists. In 1993, the SISAL sales were computerized in 1993. The game started out as EnaLotto and later it was changed to SuperEnaLotto. In 2002, the company launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Since its inception SISAL has always worked with local governments in Italy. The firm has always aimed at the making the game funnier. The first draw under the new name ‘SuperEnaLotto’ was made in 1997. During the same year, the company launched Sisal TV which devoted all its airtime to the world of gaming.

Rules followed to win Jolly, Jackpot and SuperStar

This game is based on the idea of matching 6 numbers that are chosen from a number field of 1-90. If your chosen set of numbers matches the winning numbers, you win the jackpot at the time of the draw. But if you match just three numbers, you will win other prizes other than the jackpot.

The Jolly number is equivalent to a bonus game that helps you win the 5 plus 1 prize. The effect of this number is only limited to second prizes. The major objective of this prize is to help players win a huge and generous consolation prize in case the jackpot is not won.

The other number with extra cost is the SuperStar. In this case, a player pays additional amount to be allowed to choose a SuperStar number. On matching the winning number for the SuperStar, the winner gets a chance to claim the prize or just have that prize multiplied by a prize that has already been won.

Lumpsum and Annuity

Winners of SuperEnaLotto have two options. A winner can either choose lumpsum or annuity. This decision is to be made before claiming prizes from the headquarters. Annuity is when you choose a fixed payment that is made over a specified time period. On the other hand a lump sum is a single payment option.

Citizens of other countries can now access major lotteries. These lotteries accept people from other countries to participate online. The major lotteries that you can access online are: Canadian Lotto 649, Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva and Euro Millions. In addition to this, there are also several online American lotteries.

Odds of Winning SuperEnalotto

Match Odd
3 numbers 1 in 27
4 numbers 1 in 11,907
5 numbers 1 in 1,250,230
6 numbers (Jackpot) 1 in 622,614,630
5+ Jolly Number 1 in 103,769,105

The total revenue that is generated through sales of SuperEnaLotto, a portion of 34.648% is allocated towards SuperEnalotto prizes while 50% is allocated to Superstar prizes. The odds of winning are one of the worst but the consolation is that their jackpots are among the best in the world.

Before June 30, 2009 the six winning numbers were taken from the first numbers which were extracted from draws for cities in Lottomatica region. The participating cities were Naples, Bari, Rome, Palermo and Florence. The Venice draw in this case was used as a Jolly Number. In case the first number was used before, then the second city’s draw is used and the process continues. This system was abandoned because there is a probability that two cities can draw the same numbers.

In such a case, there would be duplicate numbers and that way it will not be possible to get a winner for the jackpot.

This is the reason as to why starting from July 1, 2009 the administrators started drawing numbers independently.

What you need to know about the game

In order to play the SuperStar number, players have to pay extra amounts of money. Old rules directed that this be extracted from the National Lotto draw which is based in Rome, Italy. New rules now direct that the number should be drawn independently from all the 6 numbers as well as the “Jolly” number.

This clearly means that the Superstar number may be similar to another winning number. The prize money can be increased by 100-fold through matching these numbers. It is also good news to learn that players can get a fixed amount even if they fail to match any of the six numbers.

A lottery all over the nation offering prizes to the tunes of millions of US dollars becomes very difficult to manage. This is especially true when it comes to hitting the jackpot target. This is due to the odds that we have already highlighted above. The Italian government receives 54% of the total sales and the prize pool gets just 34.648% of that share of total sales.

SuperEnalotto has the capacity to grow to very huge figures. This is because there is no rollover or roll down cap on the jackpot. Jackpot winners have the option for either an annuity or lump sum payment. The lottery becomes more attractive to players because players are not taxed when they win the prizes.

When the game began, the minimum cost for two tries was set at 1600 Italian Lire. By the time Euro was introduced in 2002, the cost had reached 1900 Lire. The current exchange rate is 1936.27 Lire.

Success Story

SuperEnaLotto has helped create great success for many people around the world. This is a story of one successful application developer who used the controls of Windows 8 UI to market his application to the masses. The name of the developer is Dario Chini. He works as an independent app developer. He particularly works hard to balance between writing hubs during his free time and his full time job at the ever busy ICT consultancy.

Dario solved a great challenge that was facing him. He wanted to migrate the SuperEnalotto to Windows 8 platform. He was faced with two main problems. The first one was how to meet the Windows 8 acceptance criteria and fully mastering the new technology. Dario thought quickly and used RadControls for Windows 8 to quickly migrate his application and get it accepted in Windows 8 store.

There were many benefits associated with that action. To start with, it helps in creating compliance with the Windows 8 Store, the learning curve for Windows 8 is reduced considerably and finally the application gets to the market quickly.

Basically, Dario had developed a SuperEnalotto tool that assists users to quickly select lucky numbers. This is a very popular application for Windows Phone 7. The tool is able to perform statistical analysis and track draws. The distribution of draw numbers is clearly indicated by this tool.

The announcement of Microsoft Windows 8 posted great challenges for Dario as well as other app developers.

Dario had a challenge of doing both his personal projects and remaining committed to his demanding position as an ICT consultant.

When Dario used the RadControls for Windows 8, Dario was able to quickly build the Windows 8 version of the popular SuperEnalotto. All these efforts were done during his spare time. It worked so fast that the app was ready for the market in a record of three weeks!

A lot of efforts were put into developing the app. In previous attempts, Dario tried different ways of implementing the data representation. He believes that had he used Telerik right from the beginning, he could have saved plenty of his precious time.

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